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Throwback in time: Why adopt?

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In a certain part of this site or even in other posts created, I speak briefly about the initial reason of the adoption. So far, it has been best described in the first few paragraphs of this post. Some extra details though are important to be mentioned.

In short: Why did my parents (mostly my mother) want to adopt 3 girls from West Africa?

My mother (who had the initial idea) tends to read every morning a specific magazine she has subscribed to, which covers all things family. In there, one of the contributors had adopted many children from the same orphanage and other parts of Africa (including Sierra Leone.) So she was sharing her story about the adoption process, the way she lived her life having several adopted children and a lot of the work she and her family had been doing in that orphanage as volunteers. My mother, not having any daughters (just 5 sons) somehow felt inspired and enthusiastic about the idea. Long story short, she shared the idea with my father and then it was a mutually decided agreement to move forward with the process.


The years passing by…

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Very soon in my sister’s journey, everything seemed to be in place: The awkwardness was gone, the first initial “shock” was nowhere to be found and there was a very good sense of family unity. Not everyone fully adapted (even to this day) to this change. My two¬†older brothers had different views on the adoption and they didn’t try to hide them either.

But generally speaking there was an effort to try to keep things peaceful around the house, everyone living in their own unique world, being involved in their own unique activities. Something very similar to a “normal” family or at least a family that hadn’t adopted 3 black girls from Liberia.


Where did everything take place (background update)

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Reading through my website and the past blogs I had posted, I realized that I haven’t really given you a geographical location in which everything from the time of the adoption is taking place. Maybe I did this intentionally? Keep you guys in suspense?

In any case, everything is taking place in the South. Specifically in Myrtle Beach, SC. The girls arrived there over 10 years ago, and we were waiting for them to walk in that front door. The rest will be described throughout the following posts.

If you need to establish a story foundation and maybe a background, check here to make sure you got everything straight.