This is the story of Ansa Nest. Ansa is an acronym which stands for: Artist Not (in) Small Africa. Why am I an artist, and why is Africa small? What does Africa have to do with me, since I’m based in the US?

I’ll answer all these questions, one at a time.

My #1 objection with this blog, is to be able to create art, using real life experiences so that you get a taste of my past, and those very unique stories I will be sharing with you weekly. Moreover, this site and my whole purpose, is to talk about 3 adopted sisters from Liberia, that went through hell for a good number of years, because of 12 year of civil war that teared families apart and left many orphans behind. So I’m not exactly an artist ’cause I won’t be creating something new, rather share something new to you and an inside look at the lives of 3 angels. My sole purpose will be to deliver my sister’s stories and experiences in the most honest and non bias way, and also the way their lives were formed by being placed in a new family.

Now, why is Africa small? Last time I checked it was a pretty large place on the map. Well, “small Africa” is really the name my sisters gave their home country Liberia. Being just teenagers at the time of adoption, and having school systems that as you can guess were worthless, they barely new how to read and write. So they obviously understood what Africa was, but understanding the relation of Liberia to Africa was just too complicated for them. So whenever they would share their stories, they would refer to Liberia as “small Africa.”

In the weekly blogs that will be posted, I will be diving in depth on my family background, just to set the foundation. So I am not going to talk about the details in this part of the site. This page serves the purpose of explaining what you read, so hopefully it will make a little more sense.

Finally, this is my nest. This is where I get to share my thoughts and experiences that are focused on my sister’s experiences. Here is where I get to speak my mind on things I find important mentioning, without necessarily being an object of criticism. Everything I will be sharing with you will be based on real life events anyway. So whenever the world outside is being to cruel or bad to me, I can always fly back to my nest, where my thoughts come to life and actually have some kind of a meaning.