Black Friday Family Shopping

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black-fridayThese last vacation days have been crazy-amazing, I got to say. First off, we had a wonderful family re-union on Thanksgiving since everyone arrived back home from all parts of the US. However, back in the day, when we were very young, we enjoyed Black Friday shopping. We weren’t fans of all the violence and dangers that follow that crazy shopping day, but I believe we can all agree on being fans of the great discounts. So after we exchanged some thoughts and news, someone mentioned the idea of going back to a Black Friday as a family again (like the good old times.) So that’s what we did.

Night before, we watched some family shows and videos we have recorded of great television shows. We also made sure though we get to bed early enough, since Black Friday requires you to be up earlier than chickens in a farm. 4 AM was the wake-up call to get to the big malls by 5 AM. We actually live in a smaller area near these big shopping malls, so yes: it was totally doable for us to get there in time (for anyone wondering.) The lines were huge at Target and Walmart. I mean I don’t think I’ve seen so many people waiting to get in before. It’s actually an amazing view and it’s beautiful to watch. The only thing I am disgusted by is again: the violence that follows this day. Fortunately, we live in a small area and most people still have some substance within their two ears. So rarely do we get the crazy behaviors seen in states like California.

As a family, we are not the type of people that will setup tents the night before to be the first to get into the stores. We always patiently wait in our line, to get into the store. Because as I said sometimes (rarely) something may happen, we always want to be at the end of the line. Because who is going to start a fight with someone at the end, waiting. Right?

When we finally got in, the younger brothers of mine rushed to the Smartphone sections (you know, where a phone can cost less than a football ticket.) It’s funny how they convince you on paying-spending less on Black Friday, when in reality because you want to take advantage of all the discounts, you are spending more. My brothers and sisters, each ended up with a couple of those phones. To be honest, they were practically giving them away. You just couldn’t resist the deal they made you. Then as a family, we moved on to the TV section of the stores. I don’t know why we needed more television sets when we each live separately and our home has a bunch of them. I guess it’s cheep greed…but anyway. As a family we got an extra television set (pretty nice deal I have to say.) It was a flat screen (I think it’s a SONY) that convinced my family enough to believe that our old TV wasn’t good anymore. The power of the discount, right?

What I hadn’t really realized before was that lines at the checkout point are also huge. For some reason I pictured Black Fridays having long waiting lines at the entrance point. I guess when you go in, you also got to get out. But it really caught me by surprise that people were rushing to the checkout to get out of the stores. Believe it or not, the waiting time to get to pay for our toys was more, than actually getting into the store. I mean it was crazy! Finally, we got out of there and back home. I’m so happy things moved along smoothly, with no great incidents. Our families didn’t become divided over a TV set (kidding) so I’m thankful for that!

But, shopping isn’t over now, is it? Of course not. We got Cyber Monday on (you guessed it) Monday. Basically I personally believe that day has been created for everyone that didn’t buy enough stuff on Friday and spend enough money, or got paid that weekend and needs to absolutely throw that money away on more toys. The good thing about Cyber Monday is that you avoid all the violence and waiting lines of Friday’s. Of course a site may crash here and there, but who cares about that? Cyber Mondays are more convenient for everyone (especially employees, since there aren’t any.) The only downside is that you can’t get the product that same day and time. They need to ship it to you. Which is fine if you aren’t in a hurry to start playing video games and wasting endless time on a TV series.

What was your experience during this vacation week? Do you have any interesting stories to share with us? Please do that!

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