Throwback in time: Why adopt?

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In a certain part of this site or even in other posts created, I speak briefly about the initial reason of the adoption. So far, it has been best described in the first few paragraphs of this post. Some extra details though are important to be mentioned.

In short: Why did my parents (mostly my mother) want to adopt 3 girls from West Africa?

My mother (who had the initial idea) tends to read every morning a specific magazine she has subscribed to, which covers all things family. In there, one of the contributors had adopted many children from the same orphanage and other parts of Africa (including Sierra Leone.) So she was sharing her story about the adoption process, the way she lived her life having several adopted children and a lot of the work she and her family had been doing in that orphanage as volunteers. My mother, not having any daughters (just 5 sons) somehow felt inspired and enthusiastic about the idea. Long story short, she shared the idea with my father and then it was a mutually decided agreement to move forward with the process.

My father saw it more as a philanthropic act. He very much would like to have daughters, but first and foremost he felt he had some kind of an obligation towards God to take care of some people that would end up either dead (because of the civil war going on) or abandoned-homeless on the streets. My father has a very soft heart for unprivileged minorities. So he knew that since his wife proposed this idea believing it’s something God would want, they would have to follow through and make this work.

So the decision to adopt was equally made, but my mother was the mastermind behind it. This would always be the story in my family: My mother would think of things and my father then would have to do the “dirty work” to achieve those things (I think I work in a similar way.)

I can hear the next question in your heads being: But why Liberia and how did you get this started? 

To be honest, my parents didn’t really care where the children came from. They were pretty open about it. As long as it was orphans and girls, they wanted them in our family. So they tried different countries actually: Greece, China, some other Asian countries, some countries in Africa and they ended up with Liberia. So the spark to adopt started from that magazine and that specific contributor, and the finalization of it all also was based on that article (since the contributor also had some of her children from Liberia.)

My mother (after having little to no luck with the other countries), contacted that contributor and got in touch to discuss the details. She still has the hand writings of their communications, since back then e-mails and the Internet were not vastly used (and to this day, my mother can barely┬ásend an e-mail haha.) Maybe I’ll have to upload some pictures of those letters some time. After the initial communication, one thing led to another and next thing you know, my father arrives home with my 3 new sisters.

I’ll be continuing this story in an upcoming post.




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